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Helping Chillicothe Residents Hear Better

Better Hearing Place is owned and operated by Melody Wipert, NBC-HIS, who is a National Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. She has been helping people hear better for over 20 years. At our hearing center in Chillicothe, you can find all of the answers to make your hearing better. When you pay us a visit, you’ll receive a private consultation, so you can share your many questions and concerns regarding hearing loss. A hearing evaluation will be performed, and if you have hearing loss present, we’ll provide explanations and choices so that you can improve your hearing with our expert assistance.

Warning Signs You Could Have Hearing Loss

Millions of American adults have hearing loss … do you? The sooner you admit to yourself that you may have hearing loss and seek professional help, the better your chances for improving your hearing and your daily life are likely to be. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you find yourself constantly saying, “Huh?” or “What?”
  • Do you feel that people sometimes get annoyed having to repeat themselves around you?
  • Do you often feel that people are yelling at you or are not speaking clearly enough?
  • Do you have trouble understanding people on the telephone?
  • Do people often complain about your TV volume?
  • Do you have difficulty following conversations among multiple people or in a noisy room?
  • Has anyone ever recommended that you get your hearing professionally checked?
  • Do you find all of this very frustrating?

Contact Us for a Hearing Loss Evaluation Today

If you have hearing loss, Better Hearing Place offers hearing aids in a wide range of styles to suit your lifestyle and budget. For your convenience, we’re a provider with most major insurance companies, including Goodyear, Atomic Energy, Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Workers, Employees, all federal government employees and BlueCross/BlueShield. Special discounts are offered for patients with MediGold insurance.

When you call us to schedule a private consultation and hearing loss evaluation at our Chillicothe hearing center, you can rest assured that no one will take care of you and your hearing like we will!

Call Us Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation!