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I just recently received my first set of hearing aids. I had gotten to the point where conversations were becoming less enjoyable. Everyone seemed to be mumbling. I would misunderstand people. I would not hear someone speaking to me. It was getting quite embarrassing.

I made the appointment at the Better Hearing Place and this was one of the best things I have ever done. I can now hear conversations, birds chirping and even hear the meows of my cat, Skeeter. The TV does not have to be excessively loud now either.

I want to thank you for being so kind to me during my appointment in the office.

Melody has been such a sweetheart. She has been very patient, has explained everything to my husband and me concerning my hearing and the hearing aids. On my follow-up appointments, she has continued to make sure I understand everything going on, and if I have questions, she is very quick to make sure they are answered to my satisfaction.

Melody- you are awesome and I recommend the Better Hearing Place for all of your hearing needs.

-Sharon Viar


I want to thank Melody for giving me my life back. I just didn’t realize for so long that I was as bad as I was. I guess I just got used to not hearing.

When my kids stop by I can hear everything they say instead of saying “Huh?” I’d sit up real close to them trying to hear them – it must have been awful for them. My daughter, Crystal says it has given “me” back to our family.

When someone comes to my door, I can hear them now they don’t have to bang the door down anymore.

The hearing aids make me feel good. I feel like I’m part of everything now.

I used to not go to Church because I couldn’t hear the Minister even if I sat up close. Now I go and I really enjoy it.

If you think you have hearing loss, you should get help because it will change your world.

-Rema Jones


Dear Melody,

Thank you so much for helping with my hearing. I had a hearing aid in my right ear for about 3 years and the first time I came to see you I was having trouble with it. You helped me adjust it and asked if I had ever had my left ear tested, I said no and really didn’t think I needed it. You cleaned and adjusted the other hearing aid, which you did not sell me for free. That made an impression on me, so when I lost my hearing aid, you were the first I thought of.

I spent approximately two months without any type of hearing devices and it was a lonely world. I found it was easier to not get involved in conversations than to keep asking to have things repeated. I learned to just nod my head and smile when I did not have a clue as to what was going on. I remembered one particular incident when a friend showed up late at night very upset and troubled in her home life. She confided some very personal things to me and I am so sorry to say I am not even sure to this day what she said, after that night I called and made an appointment for testing.

I was tested in both ears and found that I have a very severe hearing loss in both ears. I now have hearing aids in both ears and it was hard adjusting at first to two hearing aids but within a week I have been able to function at Church and direct plays. At work the sounds seem so loud at times I would like to take them out, but that’s what you get for working with family.

I guess overall the best thing about buying hearing aids from The Better Hearing Place is the fact that I know if I ever have a problem or need an adjustment I know where to get help.

It has been a very pleasant experience in dealing with a very difficult situation. Melody is terrific!

-Rebecca Anderson


Dear Melody,

I am writing this note to you to give you thanks for all the great, professional help in obtaining the best set of hearing aids I’ve ever owned, along with all the “extra” diagnostics used in obtaining the best possible set of hearing aids I could ask for with my budget.

I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 20 years, been through 3 other audiologists and two other manufacturers of hearing aids. She is the first to put me through two additional tests I’ve never experienced with other audiologists. Along with my degree in computer electronic engineering, I comprehend the advances in today’s new systems and Melody knows how to work with these symptoms, in my opinion.

For all you people searching for somebody to help you with your hearing problems, I’ll save you a lot of time, gas, and headaches by recommending Better Hearing Place for your next or new hearing aid provider. From personal experience, first, I have found you won’t find any other place to purchase quality-hearing instruments at the lowest possible price. Second, the diagnostic test is second to none, in my opinion. Third, the warranties I’ve obtained outlast my two previous sets of hearing aids combined, plus a little. Fourth, she will be and has been there to help you through any problems or “learning pains” of your new set of aids.

Attention all hunters and lovers of the great outdoors. She can provide you a set of “ears” for your specific outdoor needs that will knock your socks off. There’s no need to buy hearing instruments from any of the outdoor mail order catalogs when she can give you what I received for nearly the same price and for full time usage. You’ll get 3 times better technology than they offer. On one of my programs of my hearing aids, I can hear a horsefly flutter his wings 15-20 feet away, and a deer snort at 60 yards away.

Thanks again Melody!

-Jeffrey A. Young


Hello Melody,

I had thought about hearing aids for quite some time, and had hesitated about going to see about hearing aids because I was very uncomfortable about purchasing them and not being satisfied with them.

I finally realized that I was going to have to do something about my hearing loss because of not hearing in church services and not hearing well in conversations with other people.

I received your flyer and decided I was going to follow up on the information in it. I got your address, drove to Chillicothe, and made an appointment. I had my hearing test, and got my hearing aids. I was quite surprised at how fast I was able to get my hearing aids.

Having received them I was surprised how comfortable they are and how quickly I adjusted to the use of them. And now I know that I would not go without them for twice the price I paid for them.

The attention that I received was very professional and I have been very satisfied with your follow up service.

-Delbert Ash

Garnet Brammer

Dear Melody,

I love my new hearing aids! I never thought there would be such a difference between my old hearing aids and my new ones. The sounds are coming through so much clearer and I can just hear better. I love that I can adjust the volume, especially when my husband, Jim has already set the volume where he wants it. The TV has gone down from where we used to set it.

About background noise – I don’t hear background noise anymore. It seems like my hearing aids take care of background or they are so distinct that the background noise doesn’t bother me.

I just couldn’t believe how much difference they’ve made. And my batteries last twice as long.

I would recommend my new hearing aids to anyone. It’s well worth the money. And Melody does such a good job in suggesting, testing and fitting. You’re always so ready to help. I would recommend Better Hearing Place to anyone.

-Garnet Brammer


Whom This May Concern:

Hello! My name is Debbie Smart and I have wonderful news to share with those individuals who are experiencing a hearing loss. I highly recommend Melody Wipert at Better Hearing Place. She provided top of the line hearing aids and offers a wide range of services.

I realize that there are children who are born with hearing loss and there are individuals that lose their hearing from injuries resulting from accidents or illness. However, I had this preconceived idea that natural hearing loss occurred only in people who were getting older in life. I never gave it a second thought. Boy was I ever wrong! I am 54 years old and I have a hearing loss.

I began to notice that I could not hear well when my husband or children would be talking to me in the next room, not far from me, and I could not hear the words. I could hear their voices but I could not distinguish the words they were saying. At times I would have to get up and physically go in the room and hear what they were saying. At times I would get very flustered and embarrassed because I could not hear well. When I would be in public with friends or at work with other people I would feel very isolated and alone at times because I could not hear what was being said and be too embarrassed to speak up and admit that I could not hear them. I decided to do something about my problem.

I discussed my hearing loss with my physician and he recommended Better Hearing Place. I am so happy that I did this. Now, I can go wherever I want and not feel isolated or embarrassed anymore. The great thing now is that I can HEAR!!!! I have a better self-concept of myself now and feel a lot more confident. It is a fantastic feeling just to be able to enjoy the sounds of nature and hear things that you had simply forgotten about. We truly take hearing for granted. Please do not hesitate – – if you suffer from hearing loss then please take action. Call Better Hearing Place and let Melody test your hearing. Melody is very professional and she will advise you as to what you need to do and offer you excellent service. Be good to yourself and live life to the fullest.

-Debbie Smart

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